Saturday, April 19, 2014

Help Yourself to Happiness

Live Simple: Move through the world with a pure mind and heart. Simplicity means taking only what you need from the earth and from life. Abundance is the reward.

Stay Light: Put an end to part worries in an instant. When you decide to live with the lightness in your thoughts and your actions, others can see you shine.

Live Now: Enjoy living in the present moment; forget the negativity, waste and regrets of the past. Positivity is the first step to peace.

Give Freely: Generously give from what you have. Sharing your gifts with others without counting the cost, guarantees you will receive even more.

Practice Compassion: Find forgiveness, First for yourself, then learn that forgiveness showers blessings in all directions. In forgiving others, we are forgiven and healed.

Give Thanks: Be grateful for all that you have been given. Gratitude gives value to what you possess and increases your joy in all things.

Befriend Silence: Make a friend of quietness – turn your thoughts inwards to your innermost self. Silence invites God into your heart and mind.

Create Happiness: Make up your mind to be happy – and you will be.

Be Still: Learn to sit quietly and meet yourself in stillness. Peace will come and sit beside you.

Serve Others: Enjoy being of service. Thinking and acting for ourselves alone brings only shallow rewards; serving others creates a deep well of contentment.

There is happiness when each moment is used in a worthwhile way. Happiness is such nourishment that it is greatly empowering. It makes difficult things easy and heavy things light. To remain happy and share happiness with others is a great act of charity. Once you are happy then no matter what happens never let your happiness go.

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