Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vastu Information 20-02-2014

As we know that for desinging any building or landscape for any purpose the Vastu correction is essential requirement. The designe should be fit as per Vastu Sastra .

Some information i will share with you for your knowledge which will help you for perfect design.
and can not be made fool by anyone.

Some knowledge of corners and sides is given below-
North West- adobe of Air/Wind (Vayu Kon)
North - Adobe of Kuber
North East - Ruled by Sadasiva
West- Adobe of Varuna
Bramhastan (Central Region) - Place of Brahma
East -  Ruled by Indra
South West - Adobe of Putna
South - Adobe of Yama
South East - Habitat of Fire (Agni Kon)

In any building the main gate or entrance is the first step after measurement which is to be fixed.
You can see the boundary image and possibilities that where should be the entrance of our landscape.

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