Wednesday, February 26, 2014

East and West Directions in detail- 27-02-2014

A very powerful direction. The direction is owned by Lord INDRA. Indra is the Hindu deity responsible for rains, overall prosperity, festivity and power. Indra is very powerful in manipulation. The representative planet for this direction is Lord Sun which itself is a big power that nobody can match. Sun gives growth to life, vegetation etc. 
So you can call east as direction for growth. After the north, east should be very much open, light & clean. Making heavy walls, not providing the ventilation, doors & windows gives stagnation in life. Making a staircase, accommodating a toilet or a store in the eastern direction is a big vaastu offence. Just mind a punch line obstruction in east can create an obstruction in your life.

This direction is known for stability in life. The owner for this direction is Lord VARUN. Varun is deity for rain, fame and fate. The corresponding planet for west is a Saturn. Big opening from this direction is not advisable. The east energy, i.e. solar energy is not stored in the west if there are big openings. 
The axis of energy goes east to west as the sun rises from east and sets in the western direction. The west direction is occupied by the lower abdomen, genitals & reproduction organs of the vaastu purush. The openings & entries from this direction are not good. It spoils the prospects of income

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